• When is the Grant Park Summer Shade Festival this year?

    The Grant Park Summer Shade Festival is always held during the last weekend in August. This year’s dates are Saturday, August 26 and Sunday, August 27, 2017 and is the festival’s 15th year!

  • What is the Summer Shade Festival?

    The Summer Shade Festival is a thriving, two-day in town festival in historic Grant Park, organized by and benefitting the Grant Park Conservancy.

  • Can I bring my dog?

    No, sorry. Dogs are not allowed at outdoor festivals, per Atlanta city ordinance [Section 110-70(d).

  • Can I bring outside food and drink into the festival?

    We strongly encourage all of our festival attendees to patronize the fabulous food vendors we have carefully and thoughtfully selected. We are proud of the wide range of cuisine offerings and are confident that there is something for every craving and budget. You will also find several free water stations throughout the festival, so stay hydrated! It's hot, even in the shade! Please keep in mind that this is a fundraiser for the Grant Park Conservancy and all the alcohol sales benefit the park. That means you are drinking for a good cause! For this reason, outside alcohol is not allowed.

  • Where is Grant Park located?

    Here's the answer.......Link to Google Maps

  • How many people come to the festival?

    Over the course of both days, the festival gets 30,000 visitors on average. It’s a great place to meet your friends, grab a frosty beverage, do some people-watching and enjoy the free entertainment.

  • Is the festival free?


  • Isn’t there also a 5K race?

    Yes! Be sure to register for the Adams Realty 5K Run for the Park held Saturday morning before the festival. Hundreds of runners help kick off the Summer Shade celebration, and you can be one of them! Register here.

  • Okay, but what about the kids? What does the festival have to offer for them?

    Children of all ages can enjoy the Summer Shade Festival Kids Zone. The Kids Zone features storytellers, puppet shows and art activities, as well as active options such a bungee jump and more. Don’t worry- we’ll keep the kiddos entertained!

  • The festival’s in August. What if I get too hot?

    Not to worry! Grant Park houses some of Atlanta’s oldest and shadiest trees to provide relief from the heat. Hence the name “Summer Shade Festival.” You can also visit one of several misting tents that will provide you with a cool spray as you meander through the festival. And of course, there will be plenty of cold beverages available to keep you hydrated.

  • What about my cat? Or snake? Or pot-bellied pig?

    No, sorry. Can’t bring those (or dogs either). And do you really want to bring your cat to a festival?

  • What are the hours of the festival?

    The festival opens at 10am on Saturday and ends at 10pm on Saturday night. The artist market is open until 7pm. The festival opens again at 11am on Sunday and wraps up at 7:30pm on Sunday evening.

  • What can I do at the festival?

    A lot! You can visit our artist market with over 200+ original artists from around the country with both a juried and non-juried component. You can enjoy live entertainment at multiple entertainment venues featuring some of the best local talent in Atlanta. You can eat and drink your face off at one of the many food vendors and beer tents located within the festival. Looking for traditional festival fare or healthy choices? Don’t worry- we have both!

  • What if I get injured during the festival?

    There is an EMT on hand to handle any injuries or medical emergencies that may occur during the festival.

  • What is the Grant Park Conservancy and why should I support it?

    The Grant Park Conservancy (GPC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, restoration and enhancement of Grant Park. We need your support to continue their mission and keep Grant Park a world-class destination for all its visitors. Click here to learn more about becoming a member.

  • What kind of food can I purchase?

    Expect traditional festival fare, such as corn dogs and funnel cakes, but also expect healthier options like salads and frozen yogurt. You will be able to choose from several food vendors serving up everything from BBQ and desserts to tacos and fried fish. Whatever you’re craving, you’ll most likely find something to satisfy your hunger.

  • Where are the restrooms?

    There will be ample port-a-potties available throughout the festival, and the Grant Park restrooms are located towards the south end of the park, near the Kids Zone.

  • Where can I park?

    You can park in one of Grant Park’s parking lots: off Boulevard Avenue or off Cherokee Avenue. There will also be street parking along Cherokee Avenue, Park Avenue, Atlanta Avenue, Berne Street and Sydney Street. Parking or driving inside Grant Park or on the grass is not permitted.

  • Who produces the Summer Shade Festival?

    The Grant Park Summer Shade Festival is an annual fundraiser for the Grant Park Conservancy (GPC), a non-profit, membership-based organization committed to the restoration, renovation, beautification and maintenance of historic Grant Park.