unFestival Beer Survey

The Grant Park Conservancy and Eventide Brewing, located in Grant Park, are partnering to bring you a special edition beer that you can enjoy during the festival celebration at home!

We would greatly appreciate your feedback through the survey below, so that we can brew a beer that is most appealing to our community.

1. Would you be interested in supporting the Summer Shade unFestival by purchasing a special edition collaboration beer from Eventide Brewing for yourself and/or others? *

2. Which style of beer(s) would appeal to you? [check all that apply]

If other selected for Question 2, please provide comments here:

3. Which flavor profiles would appeal to you? [check all that apply]

4. Where are you most likely to purchase a this beer? [check all that apply]

If other selected for Question 4, please provide comments here:

5. Which type of packaging/bottling appeals to you? [check all that apply]

6. If this was available in six packs, how many would you expect to purchase for yourself and others during late August and September?

7. If this was available on draft and/or growler fills, how many pints would you expect to consume the month of late August and September? (64 oz growler = 4 pints)

8. When purchasing beer from local restaurants, where are you likely to purchase from? Please provide name and location for each